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Psymate is a passion project and a labour of love; it’s a platform that is enabling unprecedented convergence of world class, evidence-based Psychiatry and Psychology services for the treatment of mental health disorders with a personalised and integrative treatment approach, powered by cutting edge technology and a deep commitment for treating people.

We are revolutionizing & democratizing mental healthcare for every single person who needs help.”

Dr Samant Darshi

Founder and Medical Director, Psymate
Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist
Neuromodulation Expert & De-addiction Specialist

Diverse Offerings – One Holistic Platform

Psymate Wellness

At Psymate we see mental health as an integral part of your holistic well-being. As a manifestation of this thought, Psymate Wellness includes meditation, asanas, pranayama, chants, ayurvedic massages, guided videos and a wide range of other relaxation technique and experiential modules. The purpose of Psymate Wellness is to make the healing process organic, holistic through our signature programs, helping you in creating and maintaining a balanced life.


No Matter What Disorder You Suffer From – We’ll Take Care of You

World-Class, Holistic, & Integrated Treatment

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When you book an appointment with Psymate – we will go to the deep roots of your suffering with our diagnosis and the best doctors, therapists and caregivers will collaborate to create a customized and holistic treatment plan for you.

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PSYMATE goes beyond the traditional, by the book method of treatments. Exploring creative, innovative, technologically advanced, holistic ways of healing to bring back the joy of your life.
Our values are the driving force behind our success.
Patient centricity

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Dynamic innovation

Cross Doctoral Collaboration, Integrated Treatment Plans


World class mental health treatments brought together under one collaborative platform, just for you.

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Patient Testimonials

"Nice treatment, happy with doctor behavior and medicine prescription, I was gone for mental health issue for my wife, its get relief very fast and now we are following his guidelines for complete the course."
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
"My experience with doctor Samant is very good. I was going through with very tough time, I wanted someone who can help me to get rid of my addition problems. I explained my problem to doctor and he listened everything with patience. With that he is providing me right treatment. Best part is that he knowledge my problems and given the treatment. I highly recommend dr. Samant"
De-AddictionNicotine/Tobacco (Smoking) De-addiction Treatment
"Thank you you doctor for the guidence and the treatment provided. I was not able to control my anger and fails manage my stress and all this impacted to my personal and professional life. But after met the doctor now I understood my problems and Getting right treatment. Thank you once again to Psymate clinic. "
Stress Management, Counselling Anger Control, Sleep Therapy
"I recommend Dr. Samant. His concern and way of dealing with the patient is so considerate and nice. He answers your queries when he gets time and tells about the follow ups and holds a positive control over your mind. "
Psychiatric Counselling
"I am writing this review after seeking depression treatment from Dr. Samant Darshi. Till now I understood depression as only sad mood but in my consultation with the doctor he educated me completely about the disorder its different features and how it can manifest in my day-to-day life. He told me about the different treatments and their effectiveness. Thank you Doctor for helping me understand my problem so much better. I already feel much improved and hopeful about my treatment."
Mood Disorders, Depression Treatment
"Doctor is totally recommendable...a good listener, humble and gives proper time and treatment of your problem"
Sleep Disorder Treatment
"I visited Dr. Samant Darshi for my anxiety. I had been suffering for many years but had never taken the help of a psychiatrist. Dr. Samant Darshi was the first Psychiatrist I had ever met. He helped me understand my diagnosis, explained to me in detail the role that medicines can play in dealing with my problem. I feel much improved after taking treatment from him. I highly recommend the doctor."
Anxiety Disorders Treatment
"My experience of taking treatment from Dr. Samant Darshi was very good. I have been anxiety and I explained to him my entire story. He heard very patiently, explained to me the treatments available and gave medicines that have actually worked really well for me."
Relationship Counselling
"I visited Dr Samant Darshi for my OCD. I am very satisfied with the treatment he has given me. He is a very humble doctor and answered all my questions. Good experience"
OCD Treatment
"Visited Psymate for my first ever mental health consultation. It was a very good experience. Dr Samant Darshi is a very supportive doctor . The clinic is very well maintained and the staff is very humble and cooperative."
Anger Management, Stress Management
"Dr Samant Darshi is a true professional, my experience at Psymate was very pleasant. He took time to see me, did not hasten the consultation at all. "
Stress Management
"I visited Psymate clinic for Addiction treatment. I am satisfied with the treatment and guidance provided by the doctor. He helped me how I can overcome from this situation and could live my life normally. Thank you doctor. I highly recommend others for de-addiction therapy. "
Drug Abuse & DeAddiction Therapy