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Introducing rTMS

A groundbreaking FDA-approved treatment for Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Addiction, and other neurological disorders.

What is rTMS

  • rTMS stands for repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is a noninvasive procedure that stimulates neurons in the brain with magnetic fields to alleviate symptoms of neuropsychiatric disorders including Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and Addiction.
  • The advancement in neuroimaging techniques has led to a better understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms of various neuropsychiatric disorders. We are aware of which neuronal pathways are hyperactive or hypoactive in various disorders.
  • Thus, using rTMS, we are able to modulate these neuronal pathways and bring about a therapeutic change by either stimulating a hypoactive neuronal network or inhibiting a hyperactive neuronal network. The change is relatively permanent and equals a neuroplastic effect.
  • TMS is administered by using an electromagnetic coil that is held on the scalp; the coil emits strong, pulsed magnetic fields that pass through the skull freely and enter the brain without any invasive techniques.
  • It has been rigorously tested under strict research methodologies and out of all the neuromodulation techniques, currently, maximum support exists for rTMS.

Evolution of rTMS

Evolution of rTMS

Understanding rTMS

A groundbreaking FDA-approved treatment for Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Addiction, and other neurological disorders.

The rTMS advantage


Drug-free treatment

No sedation required

No systematic side effects

No sexual side-effects

Proven higher remission rates

Cognitive improvements

Quick onset and better results

Simple and easy process

Enhanced patient comfort

rTMS the Psymate way

Delivering world class mental healthcare

In congruence with our vision to deliver state-of-the-art mental health care services, we at Psymate bring you world-class rTMS technology. We stand out as one of the premier rTMS clinics delivering to our patients through globally standardized treatment procedures and equipment. We are one of the few centers using the technology that has been approved by the FDA in the USA to deliver rTMS in neuropsychiatric disorders.

US FDA approved world-class equipment

Clinical experts extensively trained in rTMS

State of the art treatment protocols

Personalized treatment programme

Meticulously designed treatment rooms

A Seamless experience

Cost effective

Proven success results

At Psymate, we offer rTMS as a treatment for various neuropsychiatric disorders:

Our providers are qualified to help with all your behavioral health needs.

rTMS for Depression

rTMS for Anxiety Disorders

rTMS for OCD

Pain Disorders

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