What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that encompasses a wide range of disturbances in thought, perception, emotion, motivation and motor activity.

What are the common symptoms of Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia may be characterized by the presence of symptoms pertaining to distortion of reality like delusions and hallucinations; disorganization symptoms like disorganized speech, bizarre behaviour and inappropriate affect; negative symptoms like diminished emotional expression, amotivation, decreased speech and decreased spontaneous movements.

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    What is a delusion?

    The English word “delude” comes from Latin and implies playing or mocking, defrauding or cheating. Delusion is a disorder of thinking. A person holds a false belief with unusual conviction and despite its erroneousness it is not amenable to logic. The belief is out of keeping with the person’s educational and socio-cultural background. The person is contantly preoccupied and concerned with the delusion.

    What causes Schizophrenia?

    Schizophrenia is a complex disorder originating from the interplay of various genetic, neurodevelopmental, neuroanatomical, neurophysiological, neurochemical, neuroimmunology and psychosocial factors.

    What is a hallucination?

    A hallucination is a sensory perception which is experienced even though the relevant sensory organ has no external stimulation. Example of a hallucination is an auditory hallucination, in such cases the individual can hear voices in the absence of anyone hence, there is a sensory perception but it does not arise from external stimulation. Often, such perception has a compelling sense of reality. The person experiencing an auditory hallucination believes that the voices are coming from an external objective space like voices of people criticizing the individual. Such voices might have the same sensory quality as voices arising from sources in the external world. The voices may impact the mood and behavior of the and they may even occasionally respond to the voices. Often such hallucinations are distressing and cause disruption in the life of the individual. Hallucination can occur in different sensory modalities for example auditory, visual and tactile

    Can schizophrenia be different from the experience of delusions and hallucinations?

    Yes, delusion and hallucinations are not the only symptoms of schizophrenia, some patients of schizophrenia experience prominently negative symptoms of schizophrenia characterized by dysfunction in communication, affect, socialization, motivation and capacity for experiencing pleasure. Some of these negative symptoms can be identified by observation like reduced speech and eye contact, some can be identified with questioning like reduced emotional responsiveness, interest and social drive. On the contrary the presence of delusions and hallucinations does not always indicate the presence of schizophrenia. Delusions and hallucinations can be present as a part of clinical picture of persistent delusional disorder, schizoaffective disorder, mood disorders like severe depression and bipolar disorder.

    Why is it important to seek treatment for Schizophrenia?

    Early intervention for schizophrenia can improve outcomes. The duration for which the illness is left untreated affects treatment responsivity and outcome. A prolonged duration of untreated illness is related to lower symptomatic and functional recovery. Hence timely treatment is important to effectively manage the active symptoms and functional deterioration caused due to Schizophrenia.

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