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Psymate offers evidence-based Psychiatry and Psychology services for the treatment of mental health disorders with a personalised and integrative treatment approach. Our mission is to integrate the latest knowledge, research, clinical experience and technologies with a blend of eastern wisdom to bring to you the very best in personalised mental healthcare at an affordable cost.

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A team of compassionate and competent clinicians, researchers, academicians, technology experts and care associates ensure patient centric comprehensive mental healthcare.

No Matter What Disorder You Suffer From – We’ll Take Care of You

World-Class, Holistic, & Integrated Treatment

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Get counselling or psychotherapy for various mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic attack, phobia, OCD, stress related disorders, sleep disorders, sexual disorders, addiction, relationship issues, breakup, grief, trauma, and issues related to special population.


How does Pysmate works?

Through its mental health counseling services, Psymate connects clients seeking mental wellness solutions with the experts like mental health psychologists, mental health counselors, and mental health therapists.

Is my personal information confidential and secure in online counselling sessions?

Psymate utilizes end-to-end encryption to ensure that your data is secure and not misused or shared with third parties. Psymate strives to provide standard online mental health counseling.

How do I choose a counselor?

We provide information on mental health therapists like their experience, education, ratings, etc. This allows you to make more informed decisions and choose the best mental health counsellor for you.

How secure is the payment gateway?

Our payment gateway uses industry standard procedure and guidelines so as to provide secure online mental health counseling services.

Languages in which online therapy is given?

The main languages in which Psymate provides therapy are Hindi and English.

How do I choose the best online therapist for me?

If you’re looking for a Psychotherapist, go to the Psymate website’s Therapist section and discover the best therapist or counselor or you can simply contact Psymate, and the professionals will recommend the ideal therapist for you.

Why Psymate is the best online psychologist consultation website?

Psymate offers counseling in three modes: online, offline, and hybrid. This means that you can get counseling without having to leave your home, as well as face-to-face in the clinic. Psymate is a platform that connects you with a team of compassionate and dedicated psychologists who provide a secure and confidential environment and a convenient and inexpensive way to connect with you. Psymate also ensures your privacy and confidentiality by adhering to the highest standards, including HIPAA certification.

Where can I get an online appointment with the psychologist?

Psymate can assist you in booking an online appointment with one of India’s best psychologists. Psymate’s purpose is to assist you in resolving your emotional and mental health difficulties and regaining control of your life so that you can live a healthy and happy life.

How does online counselling work?

Counseling at Psymate is seamless and discreet. It is completely secure and confidential.

What are the timings of the service?

The client can choose from a wide range of mental health counselor, mental health psychologist and mental health therapist and get online counselling for psychological issues at the time and place of their own convenience

Who are the counsellors?

Psymate offers a variety of mental health counsellors who are trained, skilled, and certified therapists.

How much will the process cost?

Psymate attempts to reduce costs in order to provide affordable mental health counselling services, and as a result, the client has the option of reviewing the profiles of numerous mental health therapists and selecting the most suitable mental health counsellor.

How Can I consult the best online psychologist in India?

Visit the Therapist section to consult with the best online psychologist in India. The website will provide information for India’s best online psychologists.

How to talk to a psychologist online?

The Psymate platform offers access for you to talk to a psychologist online. Any mental health conditions like Stress, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety disorders, OCD, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Personality Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Relationship Issues, etc. can be discussed with Psychologists.

Is there a waiting period?

You can either schedule a Psychologist’s earliest available appointment or let us do it for you by pairing you with the best Psychologists for your treatment.

Where I can find the best psychologists in India?

Psymate’s counseling platform connects you with India’s best psychologists.Psymate has a team of licensed clinical and counseling psychologists on board.

Are you looking for the best psychologist in India?

This is the best question a person can ask. If you are dealing with psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobias, family troubles, panic attacks, stress, and so on, you must address them as soon as possible.

What is Online Counselling and Therapy?

Counseling and Therapy is a type of mental health intervention that entails sessions in which people can express and discuss their experiences. Because there is no third-party intervention in the process, it is straightforward and comfortable.

What services are being offered by Psymate?

Psymate offers a variety of counseling services, including clinical therapy. Relationship counseling, stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, Therapy for Children and Teenagers, and more services are available.