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We go beyond the traditional, by-the-book method of treatments. Exploring creative, innovative, technologically advanced, holistic ways of healing to make sure you live your life to the fullest.

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We are committed to a single-minded goal: patient treatment at any cost.
Our Vision

A  society in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan. We work to be trusted by our patients as their valued partner and creators of positive change.

Our Providers

A team of compassionate and competent clinicians, researchers, academicians, technology experts and care associates ensure patient centric comprehensive mental healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to integrate the latest knowledge, research, clinical experience and technologies with a blend of eastern wisdom to bring to you the very best in personalised mental healthcare at an affordable cost

Our Space

Meticulously designed smart outpatient and Virtual Clinics, rehabilitation centers, Academic and Innovation zones with an uplifting environment.

Democratizing world class mental health care for every single person in need

We understand that mental health conditions are multifaceted in nature and that’s why Psymate works with an integrative treatment approach. We bring together the best of psychiatry, psychology, health-tech, eastern wisdom and most importantly an unending passion for treating patients under a seamlessly delightful mental health care platform.

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A vision that puts patient first under all circumstances.

Delivering world class mental health care

Psymate offers evidence-based Psychiatry and Psychology services for the treatment of mental health disorders with a personalised and integrative treatment approach. Our mission is to integrate the latest knowledge, research, clinical experience and technologies with a blend of eastern wisdom to bring to you the very best in personalised mental healthcare at an affordable cost. 

Dr Samant Darshi

Consultant Psychiatrist &  Psychotherapist
Neuromodulation expert & De-addiction specialist

The fundamental vision is to offer patient centred comprehensive mental health care through state-of-the-art treatment protocols backed up by latest research and knowledge. We are here to serve the perfect blend of western science and the traditional healthcare systems inclusive of various treatment modalities like pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, neuromodulation and indigenous practices.

We envisage an integrative model of care that offers healing encompassing but not limited to symptom cessation. While the core ideas are centred around the delivery of mental health services to the masses based on scientific principles, the methodology typically uses the unification of discrepant models of care.

Meet the Founder

Dr. Samant Darshi



Dr. Samant Darshi was born in 1989 in Kanpur, historically called Cawnpore in Uttar Pradesh, India. He was born to Dr. Ravindra Kumar Tomar and Dr. Priyamvada Tomar, both of them are avid medical professionals excelling in the fields of medicine and gynaecology respectively.


Early childhood

He spent a major part of his early childhood in Western Uttar Pradesh amidst family members who were dedicated nationalists and staunch supporters of progressive ideologies. Owing to his family environment, early in his life, Dr. Darshi became acquainted with the importance of serving the society through development and implementation of sustainable solutions for relevant social/cultural and community-based issues.



In the year 2000, Dr. Darshi joined Modern School, Barakhamba road, New Delhi. The institution firmly engrained in him the vision of becoming a responsible global citizen with the ability of amalgamating fierce passion with human values and ethical responsibility. With every passing day, his world view grew from strength to strength making him a confident strong-willed young man determined to make a change. His ideas were often not in congruence with people around, but he was continually cultivating his individualistic vision.



After securing admission in one of the leading medical institutions of the country, Maulana Azad Medical College, Dr. Darshi devoted himself completely to the field of medicine. During his training he closely noticed the presence and pervasiveness of mental health problems, the paucity of trained personnel and the wide treatment gap in mental health services. He watched addiction at close quarters and realized the dire need to establish addiction as a legitimate disorder with neurobiological underpinning that needs comprehensive treatment.


Holistic view

The year 2014 proved to be a turning point of his life. He got introduced to Yogic sciences and the practise of yoga. He transformed into an avid reader of integrative medicine.  


Co-founder, Purn Prakash Trust

His inclination towards holistic care and indigenous practices led to the inception of the Purn Prakash Trust. He is the co-founder of the trust and has conceptualized it keeping in mind the promotion of Indian culture, ancient wisdom and making health facilities more accessible the marginalized sections of the society. The primary objective of the trust has been to provide competent health care services to the underprivileged strata of the society, deliver sustainable and innovative educational and vocational opportunities for the marginalized sections and facilitate the promotion of rich cultural tapestry of India.  Gradually his interest in the nature of consciousness grew further and he decided to pursue Psychiatry.


MD in Psychiatry

He began his MD in Psychiatry from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. In contrast to the yogic systems this was a fundamentally different experience in the field of mental health. From his training Dr. Darshi gauged that as a Psychiatrist he can deliver the best care for mental illnesses by competent treatment planning. He wanted to deliver mental health treatment with an integrative approach by bringing together different practices and practitioners under one roof.


Expansion and Research

After completing his education, Dr. Darshi travelled all across the country to observe the different practises that existed for facilitating mental health. He aimed to encompass the best practices. He travelled to Portugal to present his work on the role of yoga in facilitating neurocognition in Schizophrenia in the prestigious World Congress of Psychiatry.



He then decided to sharpen his skills in Neuromodulation and went to Harvard Medical School for further training in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.


Senior resident, IHBAS

After returning to India, he joined IHBAS which in one of the leading mental health institutions in Delhi.


Project COVID Warrior

In the year 2020, normal life came to an unprecedented and unexpected halt as the coronavirus pandemic overwhelmed the entire globe. Being a doctor himself Dr. Darshi conceptualized and implemented the COVID Warrior Project of the Purn Prakash Trust. The project intended to ensure the safety of frontline warriors by providing them tangible support in the form of PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment’s) including objects like face masks, gloves, coveralls/gowns, face shields, sanitisers, shoe-covers, eye shields/goggles, surgeon caps, and work shoes.


Consultant Psychiatrist, Mindful TMS Neurocare centres

Given his expertise in neuromodulation he got associated with Mindful TMS Neurocare centres.


Psymate, The Inception

In October 2020, his vision led to the establishment of Psymate. Psymate has been designed with the ideas of disseminating state-of-the-art mental health services by thoughtfully channelising intellectual resources and economic expenditure on prevention of mental illnesses and enhancement of wellbeing. Dr. Darshi yearns to work for the betterment of his patients each day and fulfil the various unmet needs in the domain of mental health. He is focused on implementing constructive measures to bring about a positive change in the mental health landscape of our country and beyond. 


Consultant Psychiatrist & De-addiction specialist, Clear Meadows Recovery

Based on his deep interest in the field of addiction medicine he got associated with Clear Meadows Recovery which is an alcohol and drug deaddiction centre.


Consultant Psychiatrist, Yatharth Hospitals

He is currently associated with Yatharth Superspeciality Hospitals which is a leading organization based on the vision of providing quality health care.


Psymate launches rTMS in India

In congruence with his vision to deliver state-of-the-art mental health care services, Dr. Darshi brought world-class rTMS technology to India. Psymate clinic stands out as one of the premier rTMS clinics in the country delivering globally standardized treatment procedures with world class equipment.


Psymate, The Expansion

Psymate has been gradually evolving as a multifaceted organisation ensuring 360 degree mental health care with arms including Psymate Clinics, Psymate Rehabs, Psymate Academy, Psymate Pharmacy and Psymate tech.

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